A new age restriction policy in Fortnite has changing how certain players can use popular skins.

OG Fortnite has been a huge hit with the gaming community, breaking player count records with original maps and weapons. Season 7 and 8 came out today but so did a new age restriction policy that is angering players.

Fortnite players react to age restriction policy

Social media has been flooded with Fortnite players’ angry outcries after the most recent update.

After the update, Fortnite players noticed that some skins had a weird symbol next to it. Apparently, it was part of a new age restriction policy that isn’t allowing certain skins to be used in game modes that have younger players.

Fortnite age restriction policy explained

Unhappy players have flooded X and Reddit with negative feedback for the new Fortnite age restriction. Those who loaded into the game today and checked their locker would ultimately find some skins with a caution symbol. Alongside the caution symbol was a small notification stating, “You cannot use this item in experiences rated 10+ or lower.”

Basically, if you try to use one of these restricted skins and cosmetics in specific game modes like Creative you will be shown with a default skin instead. There are certain Creative maps that are rated Everyone and that’s where you cannot use skins that aren’t deemed appropriate for children.

When you go to buy one of these skins, according to leakers, you will be given a warning that the skin is only available on battle royale and Zero Build — both of which are rated Teen.

It’s not totally clear why certain skins are considered too mature for children but some have pointed out things the skins and cosmetics have in common, which include visible weapons.

There are currently players signing a petition to revert this change, most likely frustrated that skins they paid for will show as a default skin in certain modes. Others were angry that there was no prior warning before the skins were impacted in this way.