Valve has completely changed the rank progression in CS2 by introducing the CS Rating. If you’re still confused about how you stack up, this latest stat-based rank comparison may help. 

CS Rating is simple, but it’s tough to tell precisely what number is considered decent. For example, you may see questionable plays at 5K Rating games, which can be confusing since it doesn’t seem like a terrible number. This rank comparison with CS Rating may help understand who you’re up against. 

Credible stat site has analyzed thousands of Counter-Strike 2 matches to find accurate CSGO rank equivalent of CS Ratings. If the CS rating is confusing initially, old players may use this info to tone their skills according to the opponent’s level. 

CS Rating compared with CSGO ranks 

Here’s what each CS Rating level means in terms of CSGO ranking, according to the stats: 

CS Rating (CS2) Rank (CSGO)
Silver I (S1) 1000-2445
Silver 2 (S2) 2445-3275
Silver III (S3) 3275-3695
Silver IV (S4) 3695-4108
Silver Elite (SE) 4108-4565
Silver Elite Master (SEM) 4565-4911
Gold Nova I (GN1) 4911-5367
Gold Nova II (GN2) 5367-6177
Gold Nova III (GN3) 6177-7054
Gold Nova Master (GNM) 7054-7951
Master Guardian I (MG1) 7951-8862
Master Guardian II (MG2) 8862-9734
Master Guardian Elite (MGE) 9734-10243
Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) 10243-11248
Legendary Eagle (LE) 11248-12242
Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CSGO) 12242-13750
Supreme Master First Class (SMFC) 13750-15461
Global Elite CSGO (GE) 15461-30,000+

This correspondence has been finalized after analyzing 453K matches in CS2, according to This means the questionable plays in the 5K rating are likely being executed by a Gold Nova. If you’re playing against a player with over 10K rating, you’re basically in a DMG lobby. Players with a 30K+ rating are the best of all, crème de la crème of CS2.