Gaming YouTuber Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil has been accused of holding back more than $600K in charity funds.

The Completionist is known for his deep discussions on a wide range of video games as well as raising money for charity. In fact, he founded his own organization called The Open Hand Foundation focused on funding dementia research.

Now, popular YouTubers are speaking out against The Completionist for allegedly not distributing the funds raised by the foundation.

The Completionist charity drama explained

Big YouTubers from the gaming community like SomeOrdinaryGamers have uploaded long videos explaining what’s been reportedly going down with The Completionist. Karl Jobst posted a video called “This Charity Is Lying To You” that explained that the foundation’s tax filings have revealed that most of the raised cash has been withheld, totaling $655,000.

Said Jobst: “For the past ten years, they have raised over $600,000, and it’s all just sitting in their bank account despite Open Hand saying the money goes to help fund research, and despite the fact that everyone believes their money is going to a worthwhile cause, this is simply not the case.”

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SomeOrdinaryGamer’s video “The Completionist’s Charity Has Been Lying To You For Years” discussed that the accused YouTuber hosts an event every year called IndieLand. It’s a charity event focused on raising money for dementia research that works with The Open Hand Foundation.

Working with Jobst, SomeOrdinaryGamer uncovered what was truly going on behind the scenes. For example, back in 2014, The Open Hand Foundation raised $33,000 in contributions. They had zero operating expenses. This would usually mean that $33K would be going towards the causes but at the end of 2014, they had $33,700 sitting in their account.

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In 2015, the foundation raised $60,000 and spent $27,000. But now they have $66,000 in the bank up from $33,700.

“What’s interesting is […] they paid nothing in contributions, gifts, or grants at all. They did, however, spend $28,000 in administrative expenses,” SomeOrdinaryGamer said.

By 2016, it became even more curious. They raised $40,000 that year and spent $11,000 in administrative expenses. In contributions paid? Zero dollars, SomeOrdinaryGamer said. The year ended with $94,000 in the bank.

In 2018, they made $113,000 in contributions. They spent $14,000 in operating expenses. But still, zero in contribution was paid out. They started the year with $115K and ended with $215K.

The pattern continues but the contributions increase as the years go on.

“In 10 years of filings, they have not dispersed a single dollar to anyone,” Jobst added. “They have kept everything for themselves.”