The mobile game C&C Legions met with much criticism before release, now the starting factions have been revealed: Soviets and Americans from Red Alert.

The venerable strategy series Command & Conquerseems to no longer exist apart from remasters and mobile conversions Among the latter, C&C: Legions is the latest representative, whichis still scheduled for release in 2024 for Android and iOS.

Now, publisher Level Infinity (a subsidiary of China’s video game giant Tencent)has unveiled the starting factions for the real-time strategy game. These are Americans and Soviets from the Red Alert universe

Inour list of the best C&C gamesRed Alert landed in a well-deserved third place. The last part of this sub-series was released in 2008 with Alarmstufe 3, the last “real” new Command & Conquer for the PC wasTiberian Twilightfrom 2010 – and of all things, this is consideredone of the weakest parts of the series

Tesla tanks, Kirov airships, the Iron Curtain and well-known hero characters such as Tanya, Boris and Yuri will be available in the game at launch, as an info graphic reveals:

(This is the new Red Alert content from Command & Conquer: Legions.)
(This is the new Red Alert content from Command & Conquer: Legions.)

In the first trailer for C&C: Legions there was stillthe Tiberium factions Nod and GDIto be seen, but now there is no more talk of them:

Pre-registration for Command & Conquer: Legions is currently underway,you can already register on the official website&nbsp. According to official figures, almost 1.5 million players have already done so

First gameplay previews on YouTubedo not give C&C: Legions a good report card, however, with alpha players speaking of “a joke”,“worse than I thought “and a “pretty bad” game.

In addition to a PvP mode, the mobile title will also offer battles against AI opponentsand tell a story. You build a base and send infantry and tanks into battle. With steel, oil and rare earths, three resources are used, and you also use hero characters as generals with special abilities.