Esports YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren recently announced a speed running charity event to rival Awesome Games Done Quick. It just wrapped up and raised over $250,000.

Ludwig organized a speed running event called Fast 50 that lasted for 52 hours from May 31 to June 2. The marathon featured popular content creators and speed runners attempting to break speed run records in a variety of retro and new games.

By the end of the stream, viewers had donated over $251,924 to Wings For Life and No Kid Hungry. When the marathon concluded, Ludwig said: “That’s f—ing insane.”

Is Ludwig doing another speed run event?

Ludwig tweeted that it went “better” than he could have hoped for. But what really caught fans’ attention was what he said next: “Fast 100 next year.”

It has not been officially confirmed by Ludwig or his Mogul Moves company, but it seems like he is hoping to have another speed run event in 2025 with double the creators and double the stream time.

The goal of Fast 50 was to create a more grassroots speed run event after Awesome Games Done Quick grew too large. While AGDQ is definitely inspiring for raising millions each year, Ludwig said he missed the feel of having a more old school-feeling speed running marathon.

When he first announced the event, however, Ludwig was met with backlash for the lack of diversity in the first announced content creators. The first batch in his tweet were white males, causing many to ask how this represented the true diversity of the speed running community. Many demanded that more women be included as well as POC. Others simply felt Ludwig was more concerned with having big-name streamers rather than genuine speed running streamers.

Ludwig responded to these concerns by saying that more content creators were involved, including a lot more women.

The event was met with applause from speed running fans. Some felt that it was one of the best speed running streams in recent times.