The new season, which will be launched under the title Chorus of Havoc, will include two new PvE game modes

Ubisoft’s seafaring simulationSkull and Boneshad a difficult start. Described by the publisher itself as aAAAA game, the pirate game struggled with a number of problems when it was released in February 2024

While player numbersfell short of Ubisoft’s expectations, the Assassin’s Creed: Black Flagcomparable to Skull and Bones celebrated its highest Steam player count in years. So it’s not due to pirate fatigue

But now Ubisoft wants to make up for lost groundOn May 28, 2024, Season 2 will be launched under the title Chorus of Havocand the developers have published the planned new features. We took a look at them and tell you what you can expect on the high seas in the future

Fleet management is being further developed

Fleet management:The new system is used to automate the collection of pieces of eight from the manufactories. You can use the pieces of eight to buy more valuable goods from traders later in the game.

Once your manufactories have reached level 4, you will have access to this feature. You can currently assign one ship to each manufactory.

However, the developers themselves point out that the feature is still in its infancy. More fleet management functions are to be added in the following seasons.

Ship upgrades:As the name suggests, you will be able to upgrade your ship in the future. As soon as you reach the rank of Pirate Lord (Kingpin), you will improve your stats and unlock new perks.

Helm Leases:These are exclusive certificates that give you control over a manufactory of your choice. According to the developers, this should give you greater influence over the expansion of your pirate empire.

(The new ship upgrades improve your barge.)
(The new ship upgrades improve your barge.)

Two new PvE game modes

In addition, Season 2 is to receive two new PvE modes, which are intended to make the endgame in particular more exciting

Buyout:The new mode provides another way to obtain manufactories. Previously, this was only possible via legendary raid or enemy takeover. With Season 2, corrupt officials will now appear all over the map, triggering an event (the buyout)

You can join this event and bribe the officials. However, you will only see the potential reward you will receive beforehand, but not the items you need for the bribe.

They only become visible when the event starts. You then have to bring the items, such as materials or equipment, to a specified point within a certain time. If you are successful, you will receive the Manufactory

Manufactory defense:In this PvE mode, you have to defend one of your manufactories. It is attacked by enemies in several waves, each one stronger than the last. If you manage to defeat the enemies without destroying the factory, you will receive a reward

However, if you fail or arrive too late for the battle, the manufactory will be damaged and must be repaired over a certain period of time. During this time, it does not generate any pieces of eight

New enemies:You can also expect the Hubac twins, a duo of enemies who want to make life difficult for you in the Indian Ocean.

It remains to be seen whether Season 2 will get more people excited about Skull and Bones again. In Ubisoft’s latest financial report, which was published a few days ago, the game is at least mentioned and explicitly praised.

According to the report, the game had the second-best daily playtime of all games in the entire portfolio at launch, with an average playtime of four hours. According to Ubisoft, these figures are now to be extended with Season 2.