PokeRogue is the latest Pokemon craze taking over browsers everywhere. Are you having trouble opening the game? PokeRogue servers may be down.

While it’s not an official game from The Pokemon Company, PokeRogue has been a huge hit with fans and streamers alike. The game is full of strategy and battles, creating some exciting level climbing action right on your browser.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t always load as intended.

Are PokeRogue servers down?

On May 23, 2024, a lot of trainers opened their browser to find that PokeRogue wasn’t loading properly. Many people took to social media to ask why they were receiving a “bad connection” error on the page.

Unfortunately, the servers have been down on and off throughout the day. This has impacted both the browser and app version.

What happened to PokeRogue?

On the PokeRogue Discord server, developers informed trainers that the servers were down due to a DDoS attack.

A Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, is when an attacker purposefully floods a server with overwhelming amounts of internet traffic. This will often disrupt the servers, not allowing other gamers to access them or play smoothly as intended.

DDoS attacks are sadly quite common in the gaming world. Streamers are often hit with DDoS attacks when trolls attempt to ruin their streams. And some professional tournaments have been recently canceled due to DDoS attacks disrupting the matches.

The DDoS attack news has left the PokeRogue community saddened and also wondering when the game will be back online.