Two political streamers are in a beef as Hasan Abi has accused Steven “Destiny” Bonnell of being obsessed with him.

Late last week, Hasan Abi claimed that other streamers liked to drag his name to make content, referencing a YouTube video that said Hasan Abi’s viewership was declining. He brought up Destiny and Felix “xQc” Lengyel as some of the main culprits.

He said: “For the record, if Destiny is not allowed to talk about me, it will be xQc talking to Destiny or talking about me while repeating what Destiny has said. […] I hope that people are like of sound mind and they probably recognize that it’s like obsessive right? I hope.”

In response, Hasan Abi’s chat agreed that the two streamers were constantly dragging his name for content. The political streamer read the comments and agreed wholeheartedly, adding that the two have become “obsessive” and are now “cyberstalking” him.

Destiny and xQc bash Hasan Abi

Destiny and Hasan Abi have been in a beef for quite some time. They’ve been at each other’s throats for years, calling each other out for varying beliefs and debate performances.

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In a recent livestream, xQc and Destiny discussed Hasan Abi once again. In the most recent video, Destiny called Hasan Abi an “evil person” and even admitted he “hates” him. The backlash was so heated that LiveStreamFail, a subreddit focused on streamer drama, banned any posts related to Hasan Abi and Destiny.

“These two communities have turned LSF into a battleground for them to attack one another,” moderators explained.

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It’s clear from the subreddit and YouTube comments that there are passionate views on both sides of the debate. Some believe that Hasan Abi has “insane politics” and even accused his fans of just being there to troll him. Meanwhile, others feel that Destiny and xQc are “insufferable” to listen to.

Others admitted they sometimes ship Hasan Abi and Destiny together.