CS2 PGL Major Copenhagen’s quarter-final match was disrupted when an individual crashed the stage and broke the trophy. Monarch, the owner of CSGOEmpire, has taken responsibility for the stunt. 

The G2 Esports vs. MOUZ quarter-final was packed with action, not only in-game but also outside of it. The event was delayed shortly when a man climbed on top of the main stage and ran towards the trophy. A video of the trophy breaking into pieces has since gone viral as security tried to tackle the disrupter. 

Boos intensified when he crashed into the trophy while being detained. Soon after, the casters called for a break, which lasted for 30-minutes.

PGL has responded to the incident. 

“Our event experienced an attempted disruption. We temporarily halted the match to ensure everyone’s safety. The individuals involved were removed by the police. We will be pressing charges against the disruptors,”

Who crashed the CS2 PGL Major Copenhagen?

The long-brewing feud between CSGORoll and CSGOEmpire reached its boiling point as the latter called out the former for scamming their players ahead of the PGL Major quarter-final. Their public accusation was followed by a stunt at the major stage for which the company has already taken responsibility.

Taking to X, the owner of CSGOEmpire said that “some of his men” were down after the chaotic incident. Before the crash occurred, Monarch went live on Kick and threatened to fire his employees if “sh– didn’t hit the fan.” His Kick account got suspended soon after the man rushed towards the stage. 

The whole fiasco, as chaotic as it was, was premeditated. CSGOEmpire had posted a detailed blog before the event, accusing rival brands of scamming young audiences of thousands of dollars. Monarch had also offered “thousands” to audience members who’d rush the stage. He later hosted a giveaway on X and looked pleased with the stunt. 

The main gist of the blog was to criticize G2 Esports for partnering with CSGORoll, a gambling website that Monarch alleges runs a Ponzi scheme. In 2023, G2 announced its partnership with the website and faced severe backlash for featuring Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, who had just turned 18, in the announcement.

G2 quietly severed its partnership with CSGORoll a few months after the backlash. However, CSGORoll is still claiming that the partnership is ongoing, which has led Monarch and his company to threaten G2 to publicly announce the breakup, hence the attack at the MOUZ vs G2 game.

G2 won the game and has now booked a berth in the semi-finals.