Ready or Not has now left Early Access, but the developers are far from finished with the game

Ready or Not is far from finished. So it’s ready, but not finished yet, right? The exceptional tactical shooter left Early Access in December 2023 and now delivers an impressive package for all fans of the old SWAT and Rainbow Six parts, but the developers don’t want to say goodbye to their baby just yet.

Several new content is planned for 2024 – some of it for a fee, some for free. In a recently published roadmap on Steam there are first details, we summarize the most important key points for you.

Ready or Not Roadmap for 2024: Planned DLCs and patches

Ready or Not is set to receive new content every quarter of 2024, including two major paid DLC expansions, which – similar to Paradox games – will always be flanked by free patches, for example with new weapons for the base game

(A rough overview of the planned content for 2024.)
(A rough overview of the planned content for 2024.)

Here is the first plan:

  • New Year 2024: In the first weeks and months of the new year, the focus will still be on bugfixing the released full version; Hotfix 4, for example, is to be released very soon.
  • Spring 2024: The new content will be released in spring. The first DLC is called Home Invasion and will provide fans with new maps. At the same time Update 1.1 will be released for the base game with new weapons and customizations for all owners of the main game.
  • In summer 2024 the second DLC will then be released, but the devs have not yet revealed any details.
  • In autumn 2024 then comes Update 1.2, also with the vague promise of new content, adjustments and fixes.

The first DLC is free for all original buyers of the Supporter Edition of Ready or Not. The DLC package contains new maps and a DLC-exclusive outfit. We will of course keep you up to date as soon as the devs provide more concrete information about the planned content

In their post, the devs also hint that it won’t be over after 2024. They thank the fans for their loyalty during 2024 and beyond How long Ready or Not will be supplied with new content will certainly also depend on the sales success of the two planned expansions

How are you doing? Are you up for it? Or are you still traumatized by the hospital mission?