Skull and Bones finally celebrates its release after 10 years of development – and presents its roadmap for the first year. We summarize all the information about Season 1

What an odyssey! After ten years of development and multiple postponements, the pirate sandbox Skull and Bones will finally be released on February 16, 2024. And as befits a service game, the roadmap for the first year has already been drawn up.

We summarize what is already known about Season 1:

  • When does the first season start?
  • Are the seasons free of charge?
  • What is included in Season 1?
  • Is the leaderboard reset every season?
  • What comes after Season 1?

All info about Season 1 of Skull and Bones


When does the first season start?

Nothing is known yet about the specific start of Season 1 But we strongly expect a start in March or April at the latest, as each season is supposed to last twelve weeks, i.e. about three months, and Ubisoft would thus be able to fit in four seasons before the one-year anniversary.

We will of course update this article for you as soon as we know more.

Are the Seasons free of charge?

Yes, the season model is included in the purchase price of Skull and Bones and therefore all new game content is available for free. However, there will certainly be exclusive cosmetic items again that you can only purchase with gold – the real money currency.

What is included in Season 1?

Season 1 of Skull and Bones is called “Raging Tides” and brings new game content, ships and cosmetic items to the Indian Ocean:

  • Fight against legendary pirate lord: Philippe La Peste may not look quite healthy anymore with his pale face, but he should give us a tough boss fight in the first season. His ghost ship also has a few surprises in store …
  • Faction Convoys: The pirate prince Philippe La Peste forms his own faction and sends his Minions out into the world.
  • Territory Control is already part of the endgame and will probably be expanded in Season 1. For example, you can capture certain points to expand your own trade routes. You can also take part in PvPvE events in which you have to capture new points and defend them against other players.

  • Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heist are also already part of the endgame. In these, you attack a cargo ship in a World Event, but only one player can carry off the loot. PvE quickly turns into PvP and you have to escape with the loot before the other players’ ships take you to the bottom of the sea.
  • Kingpin Tylosaurus: In Season 1, you can pit your cannons against a mighty sea monster in a World Event. You can practise now by fighting its little cousin in the release version.
  • New ships, weapons and equipment: In the first season, you can earn new blueprints to help you in your fight against the ghostly pirate lord.
  • Cosmetic items can be purchased as usual with real money currency.

What comes after Season 1?

For the first year of release, Ubisoft is planning a total of four seasons, each lasting twelve weeks. We will of course add specific start dates as soon as we know more

(Ubisoft is planning four seasons for the first year. Each of them will last three months)
(Ubisoft is planning four seasons for the first year. Each of them will last three months)
  • Season 1 – Raging Tides: Presumably March to May 2024
  • Season 2 – Chorus of Havoc: Presumably June to August 2024
  • Season3 – Into the Dragon’s Wake: Presumably September to November 2024
  • Season 4 – Shadows of the Deep: Presumably December 2024 to February 2025

Will the leaderboard be reset every season?

Yes, the leaderboards will be reset every season, as soon as new rewards are available. However, you can keep your game progress, which is carried over between seasons.

Have you already played the pirate MMO sandbox – or are you perhaps already in the endgame? Then tell us how you like the game so far and whether you’re looking forward to the upcoming seasons!