The Finals is celebrating Valentine’s Day with some swoon-worthy rewards.

The latest update for The Finals is here, bringing a limited-time Valentine’s Day event and rewards along with the usual bug and balance fixes. Embark has been providing constant updates to address bugs, glitches, and general gameplay issues in order to keep the game running smoothly.

On top of that, developers have been listening to players, taking feedback very seriously. On top of fixing annoying bugs, Embark has removed entire game modes when players have responded negatively to them. The latest was Dead Go Boom, a mode that seemed to be unfair to melee-focused players.

While this mode is gone along with the Steal the Spotlight game mode, players can now focus on the Valentine’s Day event. You’ll need to complete certain challenges to unlock Valentine’s-themed rewards, including a heart headband and a kitty cat sweater.

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The Finals update 1.8.0 patch notes


  • Cloaking sounds will now differentiate between team members and enemy players
  • Headshots will be indicated with their own sound
  • Fixed an issue where certain sounds did not play when colliding with the environment
  • Added a setting to control sounds when the game is not in focus (tabbed out)
  • Fixed single-fire weapons not playing their firing sound at times


  • Various fixes to destruction in Seoul
  • Added material-appropriate effects to destruction on all maps


  • When a player is eliminated out-of-bounds in Bank It, their coins will spawn on the map
  • Gravity and physics have been enabled on Red Canisters with attachments
  • Fixed an issue where multiple C4s would cause more damage than intended when exploding together, for example when attached to an object
  • Fixed a bug that caused jump pads to glitch when overlapped with an attached object
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel emotes by using quick-melee
  • Fixed an issue where objects could hover in the air after an attachment was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where a successful backstab with a dagger now correctly shows as a critical hit


  • Fixed an issue where held items were unintentionally visible
  • Fixed various issues with defibs not animating correctly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player mesh to break and faulty physics during revive
  • Fix for the broom not disappearing after the “clean house” emote
  • Adjusted crouch animations to ensure they don’t make characters clip through thin walls
  • Fixed an issue where left-hand gestures would make melee animations look faulty
  • The auto open door when sprinting animation will now keep your weapon in view
  • The football grenade skin now spins correctly


  • Vegas Sandstorm: moved the floating zipline
  • Improved ambient lighting to address issues with seams between areas on all maps


  • Fixed an issue that caused the career progression page to lock when quickly switching pages via controller
  • Corrected mislabeled career reward items
  • Tournament overview screen will now show the correct contestant customization
  • Fix for player to always be in the center of the team in the tournament overview screen
  • Fixed an issue where an item could not be immediately equipped after purchasing in the customization screen


  • Reduced input latency on Xbox Series X|S


  • General security fixes and improvements


  • Improved boot times on PC

Voice Chat

  • Moved voice chat settings higher up in the audio settings tab
  • Players not using voice chat will now see an indication that team members are using it
  • Added Push to Talk keybinding in the Voice Chat menu
  • Fixed voice chat output volume so it is applied correctly
  • Fixed an issue with voice chat privacy settings so all options are respected