While the Super Bowl is about football, the commercials are often one of the biggest reasons people tune in to the massive spectacle. During Super Bowl Sunday this year, some exciting movie trailers were dropped for the first time. Here are the movie trailers revealed during the Super Bowl.

And yes, most of them are prequels, sequels, remakes, etc.

A Quiet Place: Day One

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The first Quiet Place film was pretty unique for a horror film, leaving the audience tense as they anxiously sat in a silent theater. A Quiet Place II was nothing special, with many conversations taking place throughout the film, taking away from what made the first film distinct from other PG-13 scary movies. But apparently we need another one.

I like Lupita Nyong’o and apocalypse films so I do like this new take on the franchise. I feel they could have made it an entirely new film at this point rather than use the same title and creatures but overall it seems like a fresh spin on the series that will be somewhat entertaining.

Eyeroll scale: 4/10


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Director John Krasinski didn’t work on A Quiet Place: Day One because he was busy with this comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. The trailer largely focused on some inside joke rather than the plot of If, although we learn it’s about imaginary friends that feels like a “live action Pixar film,” according to Reynolds. A girl can see every person’s imaginary friend, which is a pretty cute concept.

Eyeroll scale: 2/10

The Fall Guy

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Ryan Gosling stars in this interesting film that got another preview during the Super Bowl. This time we got to see more footage from the action film, including a lot of intense explosions, car stunts, aliens, sword fights, and Gosling with his shirt off.

The action comedy is based on a classic television show about a Hollywood stuntman that seems to be getting into a lot of trouble, including an actor gone missing and a sinister plot behind the scenes.

Eyeroll scale: 4/10

Despicable Me 4

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Does the suffering never end? Must I be mocked for decades by these meaningless, cackling blobs with no discerning features or meaningful interactions? From their lazy designs to their obnoxious voices to their exhausting antics, I can safely say that I’ve been a hater of Illumination and its underwhelming Minion media for a while now.

When will parents start questioning these terrible kid-directed films and start demanding quality content made for the entire family instead of accepting these ugly and excruciating surface-level films made for drooling morons and their offspring?

Eyeroll scale: 10/10

Deadpool 3: Deadpool and Wolverine

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The official teaser for Deadpool 3 premiered during the Super Bowl. The official title is apparently Deadpool & Wolverine and we will see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman play off of each other’s drastically different personalities in this superhero action film.

Expect plenty of fourth wall breaks, including Deadpool constantly referencing Marvel, Disney, and multiverses. I don’t blame the writers since everyone is clearly sick of superhero movies at this point, especially since the last few years of Marvel films have been especially uninspired, generic, pandering, and painful.

This film looks alright but I do wish we could be done with this superhero stuff.

Eyeroll scale: 8/10


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The first look at Wicked has been getting a lot of people talking thanks to Ariana Grande starring as the Good Witch. But do we really need this? Yet ANOTHER Wizard of Oz film? How many remakes and offshoots of this classic film do we need? Are there no original ideas anymore? Based on the musical, at least this one will feature some powerful voices, catchy songs, and some killer costumes. But yes, it’s already a Broadway music, so do we really need this?

Eyeroll scale: 7/10

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

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I’ve been joking with my friends about this for a while now. What’s next? City in the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes? Townhouse in the City in the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes? Like enough already.

This concept was novel when Planet of the Apes first came out, featuring animatronics and incredible costumes. But do we really need a remake of this in the first place? And on top of that, do we need a remake that’s just a ton of CGI monkeys? What is the point, really? Isn’t there anything new to explore?

Eyeroll scale: 8/10


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Apparently not even a movie about a natural disaster can be new and distinct anymore. Despite tornados being a natural occurrence, Hollywood felt the need to have this movie connected to Twister, a movie from almost 30 years ago. Like why does this need to be attached to that? It’s not like tornados don’t exist and we can’t get an entirely new plot centered around this concept. Directors can’t help but connect things to already existing media at this point in fear that it won’t get made.

So get this… Instead of one tornado like in Twister, this sequel has multiple tornados.

Eyeroll scale: 6/10