The remaster of Stronghold is currently being actively played on Steam and this may continue for a while yet. After all, the developers are planning a lot more content

Good morning, Your Lordship! Just a few days ago, the Stronghold: Definitive Edition a modern remaster of one of the best strategy games of all time was released. So you’re probably still playing through the classic military campaign or the new missions involving the rat and the snake.

But don’t worry! Even after that, you won’t be left high and dry for very long. Because there is actually a surprisingly extensive roadmap for Stronghold: DE, which already promises a lot of new content and should keep you on your toes with new challenges until spring 2024.

(Here you can see the entire roadmap clearly laid out.)
(Here you can see the entire roadmap clearly laid out.)

4 Extensions for Stronghold

In addition to the revised visuals and the additional comfort features, the two new military campaigns were among the biggest improvements in the remaster. There are 14 new missions to play here – which may not reach the quality of the original story campaign, but are still entertaining thanks to the timeless concept.

By spring, the development studio plans to add three more campaigns, each of which will also contain seven missions and are linked by a story You will even receive one of these free of charge via an update. A second, extensive castle path is also planned

There will be two major content updates, each consisting of one free and one paid DLC

Update in winter 2023

  • New economic campaign (free): This campaign focuses primarily on your castle’s economy. You don’t have to worry so much about large-scale attacks from enemies, but you do have to collect heaps of resources or accumulate money in a short space of time. The biggest enemies are often plague, fire or bandits. New maps will also be introduced.
  • Swine’s Bay (3 Euro): The first DLC introduces a military campaign centered around The Pig. As with The Snake and The Rat from the main game, it’s all about challenging series veterans a little.

Update in spring 2024

  • Second Castle Trail (free): In the Castle Trail, you travel from one historic castle to the next and can attack or defend the strongholds. 10 new castles are added to the game, including Polish strongholds for the first time
  • Valley of the Wolf (3 Euro): The second paid DLC finally completes the rogue quartet with a campaign centered around the most powerful adversary: The Wolf. Expect some tough challenges.

There are no exact release dates for the DLCs yet, and the team is also working on updates in parallel to get rid of various minor bugs.

What do you currently think of the new remaster for the time-honored Stronghold? Are you having just as much fun as before or have you perhaps only just discovered the series for yourself? Or are you not convinced by the remaster? Are you looking forward to the new DLCs, or would you have liked other expansions? Let us know in the comments!