You want to reach max level in Modern Warfare 3 as quickly as possible and get your weapons to the highest level? Our XP farming solution will help

Leveling weapons, unlocking attachments and collecting camouflages can be quite time-consuming and tedious in MW3. Although weapons that you have already leveled up in the predecessor MW2 retain their level (and attachments), many new weapons have also been added in MW3.

With our XP tips, we’ll show you how to get your arsenal up to 100 percent at lightning speed and reach the maximum level as quickly as possible!

Get to the point quickly:

  • The best modes for weapon XP
    • War Mode
    • Zombies
    • Kill Confirmed
  • Reach Max Level Faster
    • The best game modes
    • Deceptive grenade trick for more XP
    • Challenges

The best modes in MW3 for weapon leveling

There are a few modes that make leveling your weapons a little easier and are particularly effective. So you can simply skip the others if that’s all you want to do and only play the modes where you can earn a lot of XP

War Mode

What is it anyway? War Mode is a 6vs6 variant with a linear sequence of objectives and should therefore not be confused with Ground War (the Battlefield mode with flag points and vehicles). In War Mode, attackers capture two points on the map, escort a tank and hack two terminals at the end. The defenders want to prevent all of this

Why should I play War Mode?  Since there are two rounds with side-switching, matches usually last much longer than normal multiplayer rounds and the map allows for different play styles – from shotgun to sniper rifle, every type of weapon has its place here. As the player density is usually extremely high at the mission objectives, a comparatively large number of kills are possible

How do I farm weapon XP quickly?  Look for a good spot with cover and a view of the current mission objective. There is usually maximum chaos around the mission objectives. As both teams often fight in close quarters, there are significantly more kills and kill streaks possible here. Adapt your loadout to the objective situation. At the beginning, for example, snipers are suitable, while SMGs and assault rifles dominate in the bunker at the end.

Zombie mode (co-op)

The zombie mode is an ideal environment to quickly bring your weapons up to maximum level. And it’s even pretty effortless, without the stress of annoying enemies – after all, the zombies aren’t camping on rooftops or behind doors.

In this mode, it is possible to earn around 5 to 10 levels for a weapon within an hour.

How to proceed step by step:

  1. Prepare for the match: Equip the weapon you want to level on the insured loadout slot.
  2. Stay in the outer ring the whole time, the zombies are not yet so strong there and therefore do not make leveling unnecessarily difficult.
  3. Look for an extraction point on the map (the symbol looks like an exit sign) and go there.
  4. On the way, kill all the zombies that get in your way.
  5. At the extraction point you will see green smoke rising, call a helicopter after you have killed the first wave of zombies there.
  6. By the time the helicopter lands, more waves of zombies spawn and you destroy them all.
  7. Ignore the helicopter and wait until it flies away and the green smoke appears again.
  8. Repeat this process as often as you like, but at most until the timer under the minimap runs out, shortly before which you fly away with the helicopter (take landing time into account).

Note that you will lose the insured slot if you die in zombie mode. This means that you will not be able to occupy the slot for an hour and will have to switch back to multiplayer

Two more bonus benefits of zombies:

  • Even more relaxed farming: If fighting zombie hordes is too stressful for you, you can kill as many zombies (and possibly complete missions) before extraction until you have collected 5,000 essence to punch your weapon punch You can use the Pack-A-Punch machine to upgrade your weapon so that you can kill zombies even faster and easier. It also increases the size of your magazine, which is particularly helpful when dealing with large waves of enemies.
  • Weapons Unlocks skip: Another advantage of the zombie mode in terms of weapons is the unlocking of weapons. If you discover a weapon on the map that you have not yet unlocked, be sure to take it with you. Either by buying guns from mystery crates or on the walls, recognizable by the gun symbols on the map, or by finding them in depots or bags. Extract with the gun and it will then be available in every mode.

Shooting confirmed (6vs6)

This mode is not (only) about farming kills, but also about collecting the tokens of enemies and friends shot down

This earns you XP depending on the badge, which can add up very quickly in a round – at least if you are diligent and play specifically for the badges You get 75 XP for a red token left behind by enemies and 25 XP for blue tokens from your comrades

(Kill Confirmed is a multiplayer mode that doesn't take too long, but offers plenty of XP.)
(Kill Confirmed is a multiplayer mode that doesn’t take too long, but offers plenty of XP.)

The mode is ideal if you want to play a few quick multiplayer rounds alone or with friends. In addition, the matches are not too long and are worthwhile for leveling up. Because: The XP you get for the tokens also count towards the weapon you have equipped

So make sure you’re running around with the right weapon when you pick up the XP (cross out) tokens lying around on the ground.

Reach max level quickly

In addition to the weapons, it is of course also important to grind your rank up, as some weapons, perks and firing sequences can only be unlocked at a certain level. Here too, there are a few additional modes and tricks that you should definitely use, apart from those mentioned so far, which not only level up your weapons, but also your rank, of course.

The best modes

The zombie mode is not only suitable for quickly leveling weapons, but also for the player rank. So it is quite possible that after an hour in the mode you will leave the match with 15,000 XP without much effort

Objective modes such as Domination, Control and Position ensure that you get a lot of XP just by conquering, holding, defending and collecting objects. So this is not about farming kills, but about flags, zones and tokens. You get 75 XP for enemy tokens, 200 XP for recaptured flags and a whopping 500 XP for capturing neutral points

(Some items can only be unlocked with a certain player rank.)
(Some items can only be unlocked with a certain player rank.)

The decoy grenade trick

What kind of trick is that? Decoy grenades simulate shooting noises that appear as red dots on the enemy minimap and are designed to confuse. As soon as your teammates make kills in the vicinity of your decoy grenades, you receive XP. This is of course most efficient on smaller maps with lots of action – such as Rust or Highrise.

How do I proceed? Create a class for the modes with the weapon you want to level up. In addition, equip the explosive commando vest and a decoy grenade. The vest ensures that your primary and tactical equipment is recharged every 25 seconds – including your decoy grenade! As soon as the grenade is available, throw it roughly into the crowd in the direction of the enemy and the XP rain will start

Daily challenges

The daily challenges are displayed on the left-hand side of the lobby and include 3 tasks that you can complete in the multiplayer matches 

For some you have to make certain kills, such as at close range or the Kingslayer, for others you have to make a few adjustments to your equipment.

If your daily task is to make kills with a certain type of weapon or grenade and you haven’t unlocked it yet, don’t panic. In many cases, you will find these items in the standard classes that are suggested at the start of a match

With the daily challenges you can collect a total of 7,500 XP for your rank  Once you have completed the three tasks, the bonus task takes effect, for which you will receive bonus XP. In multiplayer, this means: win matches – as often as you want and can. Each match you win earns you bonus XP and resets the task

Double XP Token from MW2: There are a few more tricks for the multiplayer modes that make leveling weapons even easier. Firstly, there are XP tokens that allow you to level up twice as fast. If you still have some left over from the previous game, you’re in luck, because these will be carried over into MW3. You can get the tokens through the Battle Pass and Twitch Prime Drops, among other things

And now off to the match and have fun farming! But don’t forget your XP tokens. Do you have any other tips & tricks for leveling? Feel free to write them in the comments