If you thought you were a ranked demon for hitting Radiant, you must watch this Valorant player who reached Immortal using a drawing tablet. 

Valorant ranked is cutthroat, especially past Diamond. The real competition begins in Ascendant ranks, where lobby rules differ slightly from lower ELO in Valorant. As you reach Immortal, the criteria for ranking up shifts entirely, making Valorant a whole other game and a way more difficult one. 

However, this player has proven that Immortal is not the ultimate holy grail when you’re naturally gifted. Kariyu has hit Immortal without using a mouse, at least what we think a mouse is. 

Valorant player Kariyu hits immortal without a traditional mouse 

Kariyu has blended art and Valorant by claiming the second-best rank in the game by using a tablet. Instead of a mouse, he controlled his movement using a tablet pen, traditionally used for drawing. However, if you saw his in-game POV, you won’t believe he’s not using the latest Razer mouse.

However, he did have to invest two pen nibs to achieve this milestone, which seems like a fair price to pay to get praised by notable Valorant personalities. He has also attracted Riot’s attention, who appreciated this significant achievement in a quirky tweet. 

“Back to the drawing board for Radiant,” Riot said

While Kariyu is definitely gifted, he also had to work hard to do the seemingly impossible. He kept grinding ranked for six months before he could hit Immortal, which makes his achievement even more special. He didn’t get to the rank high with sheer luck but with real skill and hard work.

Kariyu is not the first player to add his personal spin to rank up the journey. Many Valorant players like to do absurd challenges to prove their mettle in the community, while the rest of us struggle to get past Platinum with the best gaming equipment.