Twitch has introduced a moderation feature that will now reveal the reason users are banned from chat.

Chat moderation has become more and more important as streaming grows and channels become bigger. It can be difficult for larger streamers to watch what’s going on in their chats, meaning trolls and toxic people can sometimes try to get away with harmful behavior.

Twitch is attempting to make it easier for streamers to control their chats.

Why was I banned from chat on Twitch?

Twitch has introduced a new tool that makes it easier for streamers to reinforce rules and guidelines in their chats.

Now, when a user is banned the streamer can choose to show the channel exactly the reason behind the decision. This will “provide extra content” for the rest of their fans, including emphasizing that certain phrases or slurs are not allowed as well as troubling behavior.

The community has responded largely with support for the new feature, calling it a “W” update. While it may not be perfect yet, it will definitely clear up misunderstandings and create a sense of transparency with streamers and their fans.

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