North American organization Cloud9 has formally announced the release of several Valorant players, including Dylan “Runi” Cade and Nathan “leaf” Orf, while two players remain on the team at the time of publication.

Cloud9 is set to rebuild around Erick “Xeppaa” Bach and Jake Anderson next year, with three players reportedly set to join the team, some of whom would be familiar to Cloud9 fans.

As previously reported by Flynn and, Cloud9 has reached an agreement to re-sign former in-game leader Anthony “vanity” Malaspina and former G2 Esports player Francis “OXY” Hoang. The team will be led by head coach Ian “immi” Harding, while former coach Matthew “mCe” Elmore was released by the organization.

Former Cloud9 player Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro was set to be a part of the Cloud9 team for next year but received a last-minute offer from Sentinels, which he accepted. He will play as the sixth man for the team, according to the announcement posted yesterday.

Cloud9 moves forward with a rebuild

Cloud9 was one of the few organizations that had a relatively successful season in North America but failed to qualify for either Masters or Champions, two of the largest events in the Valorant calendar. The squad fell short at the conclusion of the Valorant Americas playoffs with a defeat against both Evil Geniuses and NRG.

There was one final shot at redemption at the VCT NA last chance qualifier, where the winner of the event would secure a place at Champions, the most anticipated event of the year. Cloud9 began the tournament with a victory over Sentinels but was later defeated by eventual winners KRÜ Esports and runners-up Leviatán.

With the rebuild, Cloud9 is set to compete in the VCT Americas league next year, which will begin at the start of the year.