Season 4 and a Steam promotion are giving the multiplayer shooter increasing player numbers. For the developers, this is a confirmation of their efforts.

Battlefield 2042 isn”t doing too badly at the moment: Since the beginning of 2023, a slow but steady upswing in player numbers can be seen – and until mid-March, a free promotion from Steam gives an additional boost.

So good news for the developers. Dice”s tech lead is correspondingly enthusiastic on Twitter.

Steam numbers are on the rise, but why really?

Darko Šupe writes that Steam player numbers are slowly recovering. This works wonders for motivation:

He”s not the only one motivated by the numbers: In a recent interview, developers told us how they continue despite a nightmare launch.

In fact, a clear picture is emerging on Steam: even if the player numbers don”t break through the ceiling, they are rising steadily. And at a high level for Battlefield 2042.

Here you can see how the numbers have developed over the last twelve months. Yellow are players, blue Twitch viewers.

(Up to 17,178 players were active simultaneously in the last 24 hours. As of 14 March.)
(Up to 17,178 players were active simultaneously in the last 24 hours. As of 14 March.)

Reasons for the increase

Season 4 launched on 28 February and has reignited the interest of many Steam users. Among other things, a new map came into play, plus weapons and more.

Season 3 had also brought back the class system that was missed by many. The developers continue to work on innovations after the messed-up release and apparently the perseverance is gradually paying off. In our review, we took a look at whether Battlefield 2042 has become a good game in the meantime.

The Game Pass release at the end of 2022 may also have contributed to the upswing. Battlefield 2042 is playable in the PC subscription at no extra charge. Microsoft has not published exact user figures on this.

Free promotion on Steam

Battlefield 2042 is free to play on Steam until 15 March In addition, the shooter is 70 percent off, making it just 18 euros instead of 60. This offer is valid until 16 March

You want to try Battlefield 2042 for yourself for free? (This way to the Steam shop, please). Remember, Battlefield 2042 is also included in the EA Play subscription and is in the PC Game Pass.

Of course, such free promotions also increase the number of players, but the short promotion is not the decisive reason for the longer-term upswing, which has already been taking place for a few weeks.