DreamHack, the legendary tournament organiser, has revealed a sizeable Fortnite event that’ll take place at the upcoming DreamHack Open. Held in San Diego between the 7th and the 9th of April, this particular Fortnite tournament is quite unique as it’s quite literally open to any competitor. If you can get your PC to the DreamHack Open event taking place in San Diego, you can compete for the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize.

At present, the prize pool’s split is unknown but there’s likely to be a considerable amount handed down to the tournament’s winner. As the most basic ticket for the DreamHack Open costs $109, you’ll almost certainly be able to make a return on your investment. Last year, at the DreamHack Winter event in Jönköping, every one of the ninety-nine players in the tournament won at least $200, with the top prize equalling $12,000.

Anyone Can Play, and Anyone Can Win

dreamhack open fortnite

Image Credit: Epic Games

As long as you’ve got a ticket to the DreamHack Open and a PC in hand, you can compete in the Fortnite event in San Diego. This is a considerable upgrade on last year’s event, which took place towards the end of November and boasted a prize pool worth just $100,000. There aren’t all that many high-value Fortnite tournaments taking place these days, so these events are becoming increasingly important.

Fans are still holding out hope for another Fortnite World Cup, after all.

It has been confirmed so far that this will be a Zero Build Duos tournament, split up between four separate Heats. These Heats are three hours long, and during them, players are free to participate in as many games ‘as the system allows’. From the first, second, and third Heats, the top twelve duos will qualify for the Finals, and from the fourth Heat, the top fourteen Duos will qualify.

It’s a point-based system, and for each win, duos will accrue 60 points, while earning an extra three points for each elimination. Here’s the schedule for the tournament:

Friday, April 7
Heat 1: 3pm-6pm
Heat 2: 7pm-10pm

Saturday, April 8
Heat 3: 3pm-6pm
Heat 4: 7pm-10pm

Sunday, April 9
Finals: 12pm-3pm

It isn’t yet known how players can register for the event, but the organisers powering the DreamHack Open have stated that all you need to be eligible is a BYOC ticket, and of course, a PC.

Could a Partnership Be In The Works?

There are rumours and suggestions circulating that there may be some kind of partnership in development between Gamers8 Esports and DreamHack – or at least, DreamHack Fortnite. In an exchange on Twitter, the two organisations sent cryptic, mysterious messages back and forth, offering little-to-no context about any deeper meaning behind them.

For some fans, the belief is that the top-ranked teams from the DreamHack Open will qualify for a place at the Gamers8 Esports Festival. This event is monumental, due to be held in Riyadh from July 6th, and boasting an enormous $45 million prize pool – the largest in history for a single event. It isn’t known yet where Fortnite fits into this event, but there could certainly be some kind of collaboration effort or crossover surfacing in the near future.

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