The M4A1 CS:GO rifle has often been the go-to weapon on the CT side, but recent changes have meant that many players have turned to its more expensive alternative, the M4A4.

In November 2022, Valve reduced the M4A1-S range modifier from 0.99 to 0.94. This tiny change had huge consequences on which weapon many players would turn to on the server. The big issue was that it increased the number of body shots required to kill an armored enemy with the M4A1-S from 4 to 5 at medium to long range. It changed the makeup of most CS:GO pro settings, with approximately 60% using the M4A4 at recent competitive tournaments.


Image Credit: CS.Money on Twitter

How To Use The M4A1-S

The M4A1-S is perfect for newer players. While it has a low magazine capacity of 20, its damage output and incredible accuracy make it extremely easy for players learning how to get better at CS:GO to pick up and get kills with. At $2900, it’s not the cheapest rifle, but there’s a noticeable increase in quality between it and the economy-friendly alternative, the FAMAS.

In CS:GO, M4A1 fights are usually best taken at close range. When in close range, the M4A1-S can kill with four hits anywhere to the body. With its incredible accuracy, it’s a potent combination for huge frags. Of course, this tapers off at a distance, where its limitations become clearer. However, for a player with great accuracy, this increased time-to-kill won’t matter, as it’s a two-shot kill to the head from anywhere.

Perhaps its best feature is its use as a tool for stealth. Unlike other rifles, the M4A1-S leaves no tracers, making it perfect for countering T-side smokes. Combined with the silencer, the opponent will have no idea where they’re being shot from and be unable to accurately fire back. We’d recommend keeping the silencer on. Taking it off increases the recoil on the weapon, and just makes you much more exposed in general.

M4A1 CS:GO Skins

M4A1 CS:GO skins aren’t as popular as you might think. They’re quite expensive due to the popularity of the M4A1-S in general, but there’s yet to be that one iconic skin that defines the weapon. The AK-47 has a Case Hardened skin. The AWP has the Dragon Lore, and the M4A4 has the Howl. M4A1-S skins don’t have that equivalent yet, although there’s still time.

The most popular M4A1-S skin is the M4A1-S Hyper Beast, due to its unique design and relatively cheap price. You can expect to pick one of these up starting at around $10, which really isn’t bad considering the price of some CS:GO skins.


Image Credit: Gamersdecide

Despite its popularity, the Hyper Beast isn’t the most expensive M4A1 CS:GO skin, not by a long shot. If you’re looking for CS:GO free skins look away now – because the most expensive M4A1-S skin is the Welcome To The Jungle. A Souvenir Factory New M4A1-S Welcome To The Jungle costs around $4,500, so it’ll cost a pretty penny to get your hands on one of these.

Image Credit: BenSencs on Reddit