It”s that time again! The holiday for all things Pokémon is here again, and we”re taking a look at the Pokémon Presents announcements.

February 27 is here again, and as usual, the anniversary date for the series brings new announcements and teasers. Last year the new Pokémon generation Crimson and Purple were introduced in a big way, now we get DLCs for them and there is new info on Pokémon Sleep!

Pokémon Crimson and Purple get DLCs

Two brand new DLCs are coming out, generally titled “The Treasure of Zone Zero”:

  • Part 1 is coming in autumn 2023 and is called “The Turquoise Green Mask.”
  • Part 2 will be released in winter 2023 and is called “The Indigo Blue Disc”

In Part 1, you visit Kitakami Province, which is outside the Paldea region, on a school trip, while in Part 2, you are enrolled as an exchange student at the Blueberry Academy.

In addition, there are new familiar Pokémon to catch that you haven”t encountered in Paldea before. Among them are fan favourites such as Vulnona, Metagross and Psiau.

Ogerpon and Terapagos are new pocket monsters that you will encounter in Parts 1 and 2 respectively.

(It is not yet known what types the two new Pokémon are.)
(It is not yet known what types the two new Pokémon are.)

In addition, there are more brand new pocket monsters apparently waiting for you in “The Turquoise Green Mask”:

Both DLCs are now available for pre-order in the e-shop. When you do, you”ll receive extra clothes that you can put on right away.

For early buyers, there is also a code for a Hisui Zoroark, which has the Tera type Unlight and the Charisma character. You will receive the code if you have made your purchase by 31 October 2023.

Raid events with new Pokémon in crimson and purple

From now on you can compete against a Suicune- and a Viridium-version in Crimson.

The past tense form of Suicune is called Wind Wodge and is of the Water/Dragon type. The future form of Viridium is called Ironleaf and has the types Plant and Psycho.

In the raids, Windwoge has the tera type Water and Ironleaf has the tera type Psycho.

Pokémon GO and Home for crimson and purple

In addition, you can now also connect Pokémon GO with crimson and purple. If you do this and send postcards from certain regions to your editions, you can catch Vivillon with corresponding patterns

Further Pokémon Home was mentioned again, but there is still no concrete date. However, it is still supposed to be released in early 2023.

Meet pocket monsters while you sleep: Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep was announced a few years ago, but after that it went quiet. Now they”ve announced: It will be released this summer

The app for Android and iOS tracks your sleep. Depending on your sleeping behaviour, you will encounter different Pokémon that accumulate in the app.

The goal is to get all the pocket monsters in their different sleeping positions and behaviour.

In addition, the small device “Pokémon GO Plus +” appears, which you can link to both Pokémon GO and Sleep. It has different functions depending on the device, and it has a Pikachu inside that sings lullabies or is otherwise there for you.

More Pokémon Presents Announcements

  • The World Championships will be held in Japan, Yokohama, for the first time.
  • Pokémon Unite: New fighter Zacian, events to unlock Zacian and a boss rush.
  • Pokémon Café Remix: You can choose from the Paldea starters Felori, Kwaks and Krokel and Quajutsu comes as a new character.
  • Pokémon Masters EX: Hop, Betys, Mary, Delion and Jewel Gifts.
  • “Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic” – arguably a high quality set for the trading card game.
  • Netflix and Pokémon are teaming up to make a new stop-motion series: “The Pokémon Concierge”.