Popular streamer Kylie “Sketch” Cox has been dealing with backlash after images of him having sexual relations with another man were leaked online. Sketch decided to address the controversy on a recent stream.

Known for spreading the term “what’s up, brother” to mainstream sports media, Sketch has been losing some fans after admitting to being involved with another man. The viral sports game streamer decided to come clean about some serious topics.

Is Sketch gay? Streamer responds to leaks

On July 8, images leaked of Sketch having sex with another man. Sketch went on stream and seemed nervous about the situation where someone shared images against his will but was very willing to be straightforward with fans.

“That was me, it’s okay,” Sketch said. “Two years ago, I did some stuff. I am sorry if you have seen some of that stuff. You know, I am a changed person.”

Sketch explained on stream that he had turned to OnlyFans to make extra money since he was previously dealing with multiple addiction problems.

This leak, which had explicit images of Sketch performing sex acts dumped onto X, has lost Sketch some fans. He said on stream that he understood if some people were mad about what happened. But he also thanked fans and friends who stood up for him during this time, including streamers like Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

On X and TikTok, fans argued that it was close-minded and terrible that Sketch was losing support over possibly being gay. Others offered sympathy for Sketch regarding addiction and turning to OnlyFans, adding that it’s brave to admit something like this.

But others questioned how addiction made Sketch gay, clearly not buying his explanation. A lot of responses were heavy with homophobia, causing others to stand up for Sketch and joking that they must be jealous in some way.

In the end, however, it’s illegal and morally wrong to share explicit and graphic images of someone online and can be seen as a form of revenge porn. It’s still unclear if there will be consequences for the individual who leaked the images and if Sketch is pursuing any charges.