After five years in Early Access, Satisfactory will finally be released in September 2024. The update bears the peculiar name Toilet Rush

As Coffee Stain Studios has announced, theconstruction hitSatisfactorywill finally celebrate its full release after 5 years. And you won’t have to wait much longer – it’s due in September 2024

But that’s not all the news from the short video. A breathtaking, almost revolutionary new function was also announced. Well, at least that’s what it was in the real world. But see for yourself

Toilet flush 1.0

When will version 1.0 be released?: As the trailer reveals, version 1.0 of Satisfactory will be released onSeptember 10, 2024 And because it’s such a special moment for the community, the update also has a very special name:Toilet Flush

A nice feature (?): The nameToilet Flushis no coincidence. Because working flush toilets have been announced as a major new feature. You heard right! Now you can not only gaze in awe at your beautiful porcelain bowls, but also finally use them:

What other innovations are there?

But joking aside. WithToilet FlushCoffee Stain has of course allowed itself a little fun. And they’re allowed to, after all, the construction game is already more than outstanding in Early Access. Fortunately, version 1.0 will have a lot more new content to offer than the trailer reveals. Not that there’s anything wrong with a solid toilet flush.

In addition to some adjustments and bug fixes, you can look forward to a story in version 1.0.With this, there should be a way to play the game to the end.The developers recommend starting a new savegame to experience the story properly.

In addition, there are balance changes that affect the locations of important resources and the production of (super) computers. By reducing the dependency on these difficult-to-produce resources, certain buildings will be easier to construct, allowing players to access geothermal energy earlier than before

Price increase: Not only the content is changing, the purchase price is also being adjusted. Instead of the previous 30 euros, the price will rise to 40 euros in the coming months. This is due to the eight extensive and completely free content updates that you have received since the Early Access launch in 2019

In the Steam Sale, you can currently get Satisfactory for just 15 eurosoff. So if you still want to buy the “3D Factorio”, now is the best time to do so

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