The Shadow of Erdtree DLC is here, bringing new challenges and tough creatures to Elden Ring players. One of the toughest and most important minibosses are the Furnace Golems. Here’s how to beat Furnace Golems so you can gather important materials and advance in the new story.

Furnace Golems are giant, fiery baskets that are the source of Furnace Visages. This resource is used to craft Hefty Furnace Pots, which are pretty useful as you advance in the DLC, as well as unique items you can use for the Flask of Wondrous Physick. These minibosses are not easy to take down, however, so you’ll need to be ready.

How to beat Furnace Golems

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While initially imposing, there are some tricks for taking down Furnace Golems if you know the right strategies.

The weakest point of this miniboss is the mask on its face. The metal mask takes more damage than other areas of the Furnace Golem. Try to target this area with ranged attacks.

First, you can throw Hefty Fire Pot sand Hefty Furnace Pots at the Furnace Golems to deal massive damage. These Consumables are a bit rare to find but if you have one, you can find an elevated area or knock down a Furnace Golem before tossing one to easily overpower them.

To knock a Furnace Golem down, stagger its legs. Repeatedly attack one of their legs to make them eventually topple over. While they’re down, deal melee damage on their mask or throw the above Consumables. Keep in mind that some Furnace Golem have armor on their legs — it’ll take a little bit longer to knock them over.

Be ready to avoid the Furnace Golems’ incoming attacks. A usual attack you’ll encounter has them causing waves of fire when they stomp on the ground. Torrent allows you to double jump, avoiding these waves so be ready to quickly summon your horse.

Furnace Golems rewards

It’s worth it if you have what it takes to defeat a Furnace Golem. You will get DLC Crystal Tears for your Wondrous Physick flask and Furnace Visage to craft Hefty Furnace Pots. This will help you take down even more Furnace Golems once you have this equipped.