Four years after the last installment in the series, a new Gears of War was announced at the Xbox Showcase. The prequel will tell the story of the New Viper Warbond for Helldivers 2 has everything you need for jungle operations

Arrowhead Game Studios have announced what content the new Warbond Viper Commandos will have. In addition, some of the previously announced changes for Helldivers 2 have been specified

Via X(formerly Twitter) Arrowhead Game Studios unveiled the new premium Warbond Viper Commandos forHelldivers 2for the first time. In addition, some fans were not completely satisfied with the content of the previous updates, which is why the development studio is now responding with some changes.

Viper Commandos at a glance

The developers have already implemented their plans and the associated changes in Viper Commandos. For example, the new content of the Premium Warbond matches the jungle theme and there are skins for your vehicles for the first time

(The new Warbond Premium Warbond Viper Commandos is fully dedicated to the jungle theme.)
(The new Warbond Premium Warbond Viper Commandos is fully dedicated to the jungle theme.)

Viper Command will be released onJune 13, 2024 You can see an overview of all the new content here:

  • Weapons
    • AR-23A (assault rifle, main weapon)
    • 5G-22 Bushwhacker (sawed-off shotgun with three barrels, secondary weapon)
  • Auxiliary
    • K-2 Throwing knife (throwing weapon)
    • Experimental Infusion (increases movement speed and reduces damage taken for a short time)
  • Equipment
    • PH-202 Twigsnapper (heavy armor, increases the damage and handling of melee weapons)
    • PH-9 Predator (light armor, increases damage and melee weapon handling)
  • Skins
    • Undergrowth Shuttle
    • Undergrowth Hellpod
    • Undergrowth Exosuit
  • More content
    • two new player banners
    • Two new capes
    • three new victory poses
    • new player title (Viper-Commando)

More variety, more quality and more waiting time

Arrowhead points out that all players should be able to live out theirown soldier fantasiesand therefore listen to their wishes. This has a particular impact on the Warbonds, which will also appear regularly in the future. These are permanent Season Passes that offer new content but do not disappear over time

These changes will take place immediately:

  • Warbonds will be&nbspreleased&nbspmore frequently, but withhigher quality
  • In future,there should be more variation in the contentof warbonds to create more room for new item types and avoid redundancy
  • New content should now better match the theme of the associated warbond

Away from the warbonds, there are also some changes at Helldivers 2 and Arrowhead Games Studios. In the article linked above you will find a detailed explanation of why Arrowhead will now release updates for Helldivers 2 less frequently. You can also find out what plans the new head of the Swedish development studio has.

to tell part one

There is cause for celebration for Gears of War fans:Around four years after the last installment in the series – if you don’t count Tactics, it’s even five – Gears of War is returning with a new title.

At this year’s Xbox Showcase from publisher Microsoft, the prequel with the simple additional titleE-Daywas officially announced.

In the Gears universe,

E-Day stands for the so-called Emergence Day, the day on which the genetically modified Locust first emerged from the earth and threatened the people of Sera.

Series fans may remember: Back in 2006, we were given a glimpse of this day in the legendary Mad World trailer for the first Gears of War. And that’s exactly what the new installment of the series plans to follow – or rather anticipate – in terms of style

Because E-Day is set 14 years before the first Gears of Warand tells the story leading up to its events. In the announcement trailer, the two heroes Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago can be seen taking on a brutal Locust thug

The two then look down on a burning city to the stylized sounds of a piano version of Mad World. And thanks to the Unreal Engine 5 used, this scenery also looks really chic. But see for yourself, we’ve included the trailer above

The veteran studioThe Coalition, which was also responsible for parts four and five of the series, is once again in charge of development.A release date for E-Day has unfortunately not yet been communicated.It can be assumed that E-Day will be released for PC and Xbox consoles. A PlayStation release is currently still questionable.

In addition, there are currently also

plans from Netflix

  • to produce a series set in the Gears of War universe.
  • What do you think: Are you looking forward to the new Gears of War? Do you fancy a prequel or would you rather have seen a continuation of the story? What would you like to see in a new Gears installment? Let us know in the comments below