Content creator Imane “Pokimane” Anys has accused a popular male streamer of making nasty sexist comments to her over a revealing photo.

On the June 4 episode of her podcast, Don’t Tell Anyone, Pokimane opened up about the time a top male streamer DMd her to “berate” her after she shared some sexy photos on X.

The post in question was from July 2022. Pokimane posted three photos of her in a hot pink suit with cleavage showing. The caption was: “Anybody need a sugar momma?”

Pokimane said that the photo had a “low cut” business suit and “the girl were out a little bit.” Right after sharing it, she claims a popular male streamer messaged her privately on Discord with an opener: “Cooky beans.”

After that, he started “being so mean,” accusing Pokimane of posting the pic for “attention” and claiming her dad would be “real proud” of her. At the time, she allegedly responded that her dad actually was proud of her but he kept going with increasingly rude messages.

What bothered Pokimane even more was his hypocrisy. She explained on her podcast that this male streamer often shared shirtless photos of himself. She called him out in the DMs: “As soon as I have a little bit of cleavage, you burn me at the stake.”

What streamer harassed Pokimane?

Pokimane didn’t share the name of the male streamer that attacked her over the sexy suit photos. She did note, however, that she “low-key wanted to expose him” at the time but “didn’t want that smoke.”

Apparently, the streamer was very large back then but now his career has fallen off. She explained that he would “only profit from me saying his name” at this point since his popularity has dwindled.

“We were not dating. We were not doing anything like that. To be fair, I think he might have felt kind of rejected from past things. Maybe he just wanted to go off on me,” Pokimane speculated. “You would not believe the weird s— that people say behind the scenes.”

So it’s not clear who this allegedly rude male streamer is at this time. Fans can only guess who made the rude comments to Pokimane behind the scenes.