Kratos and Atreus will be experiencing their visually stunning adventure on your home computer in a few months. We have all the information for you

Boy. Pack your things. We’re leaving.
Where to, father? To Jötunheim? Alfheim? Muspelheim?
No. To Computerheim.

God of War Ragnarökwill be released for PC on September 19, 2024.At the State of Play on May 30, 2024, Sony officially announced the port and already had a lot of information about new features and pre-order bonuses – and a trailer that you can watch here:

All information about the PC port at a glance

On its ownblogand on the Steam store page, Sony has already revealed a whole range of technical upgrades for the PC version of God of War Ragnarök:

  • Variable frame rates:No more fixed FPS cap! Ragnarök rages across the screen on your computer at high frame rates, just like a real PC game should.
  • DLSS, FSR and Co:DLSS 3.7 as well as FSR 3.1 and Intel’s XeSS 1.2 are supported.
  • Ultra-Widescreen-Support:If you have a monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio, Ragnarök won’t put a spoke in your wheel.
  • Better graphics: Improved reflections, prettier lighting, higher quality shadows and more geometry details are mentioned.

System requirements have not yet been communicated.These depend heavily on how cleanly the PC porting is carried out. This time, however, it is not the porting specialists at Nixxes who are responsible for this work, but Jetpack Interactive. The studio has already brought God of War (2018) to the PC and we were very impressed with the result back then.

An overview of the bonuses for pre-orders

If you pre-order now from Steam or Epic, you can secure a range of exclusive pre-order bonuses. Some of these will only be unlocked as the story progresses, while others will be available to you right from the start of the game

If you pre-order the standard edition, you will receive:

  • Kratos’ snowdrift armor
  • Atreus’ snowdrift tunic (cosmetic)
(The pre-order bonuses of the Standard Edition at a glance.)
(The pre-order bonuses of the Standard Edition at a glance.)

If you opt for the digital deluxe version, you will receive:

  • Kratos’ Dark Valley armor
  • Atreus’ Dark Valley Clothing (cosmetic)
  • Dark Valley Blade Grips for the Chaos Blades
  • Dark Valley Axe Handle for the Leviathan Axe
  • Official digital soundtrack
  • DigitalDark Horse-Mini-Artbook
(The pre-order bonuses of the Digital Deluxe Edition at a glance.)
(The pre-order bonuses of the Digital Deluxe Edition at a glance.)

This is why you can look forward to God of War Ragnarök

Finally, let’s turn to the content of the game: Why is Ragnarök such a good game? In short:Spectacular battles meet multi-layered characters and a gripping storyline

Three years have passed since the previous game, in which Kratos and his son Atreus scattered the ashes of his wife Faye on the highest mountain. The Fimbulwinter is drawing to a close and the father and son team are confronted with new dangers. Freya wants revenge for her son, the father of the gods Odin sets Thor on the duo, and Ragnarök is imminent – the end of the world!

It will be a while yet before Kratos and Atreus return to the PC. But there’s no need to be impatient and start Ragnarök right away! After all, you have us and our divine treasure trove of articles.