CD Projekt Red has announced that the publisher now has more than 400 developers working on The Witcher 4

CD Projekt Red recently published a comprehensive financial report This not only reveals some information about the publisher’s business figures, but also provides information about the status of some games currently in development. The Witcher 4 in particular stands out, as almost two thirds of the company is apparently working on the sequel to the legendary role-playing game series

Priorities are being set

As part of the report, a graphic was published that illustrates which games are in development at CD Projekt Red as of February 2024. It also revealed how many developers are involved in each title

With 403 of a total of 627 developers working on Project Polaris aka The Witcher 4, almost two thirds of the entire company are involved. For comparison: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 230 people were working on it at the time You can see the full graphic here:

(Only 17 people are still working on Cyberpunk 2077.)
(Only 17 people are still working on Cyberpunk 2077.)

Since it is not clear from the graphic which games are involved in the individual projects, we will clarify things for you In the following overview, you can find out which games are involved, who is developing them and how many people are working on them

Unpublished projects that are currently being worked on:

  • Project Polaris: New main game in The Witcher series or The Witcher 4, developed by CD Projekt Red. (403 people)
  • Project Sirius: New game in The Witcher universe, developed by The Molasses Flood. (37 people)
  • Project Orion: New game in the cyberpunk universe, developed by CD Projekt Red (47 people)
  • Projekt Hadar: New IP, developed by CD Projekt Red (20 people)
  • The Witcher Remake: Remake of the first The Witcher game, developed by Fool’s Theory. (The number of characters is unknown)

No imminent release in sight

Project Orion, Project Hadar and the Witcher remake are still in the concept phase and are therefore likely to be many years away. Things are looking a little better for the other two games.
According to CD Projekt Red,

Project Sirius and The Witcher 4 are in the pre-productionphase During this phase, there is usually still a lot of planning and basic game mechanics are developed and tested. However, it is currently only possible to speculate exactly how far development has progressed. However, you should not expect a release any time soon