If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of April Fools’ Day the moment you log into X and see all of the “pranks” from video game companies that just end up being fake news. But Call of Duty has decided to shake up the classic April Fools prank by actually adding some wacky hijinks to the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone received something called the Resurgence Games today, with developers calling it the “first and final” of this game mode. And yes, it’s actually playable. This is not a joke.

What are the Resurgence Games in Call of Duty?

Today, head to the Resurgence Quads playlist on Vondel to take part in the Resurgence Games. This wacky mode has high jumps, extra long slides, and dramatic Olympic-style diving and swimming.

Players were quick to point out an even funnier twist — no fall damage. This is when gamers knew that pure chaos was upon them.

So yes, this mode is real. It’s just a goofy twist on Resurgence Quads, allowing for mid-air combat and zany maneuvers. You won’t be able to do super jumps or dive without a care in any other game mode — and you can only do it in Resurgence Quads today. After April Fools is over, the wild features will also be gone and you’ll be back to playing the usual Resurgence Quads mode without all the wacky features.

When is Call of Duty: MW3 Season 3?

Season 3 is coming to MW3 and Warzone on Wednesday, April 3.

It’s very likely that the Resurgence Games will be in the game until the update takes place on April 3, meaning there are two days to play it.

While the goofy mode may be gone in just a few days, Season 3 will replace it with a new battle pass, the return of Rebirth Island, new weapons, new events, the Specialist perk, and more.