Season 3 for Call of Duty Warzone is in the starting blocks and sends you back to Rebirth Island

The new Season Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 is once again packed with new content. Just in time for Easter, the map  Rebirth Island is back from the dead for the Battle Royale fans among you.

Before we get into the content in more detail, you can get an overview with theofficial roadmap first:

(This content awaits you in Season 3 of Warzone and MW3.)
(This content awaits you in Season 3 of Warzone and MW3.)

All info about Season 3 in Call of Duty Warzone and MW3

When does Season 3 start?

The game starts on April 3, 2024 The start time is usually 17:00 on all platforms.

Rebirth Island returns

You can expect a modernized version of Rebirth Island, as a Battle Royale map the island made its first appearance in December 2020 for Season 1 of Black Ops Cold.

Highlights on Rebirth Island:

  • Numerous modes like Resurgence or the ranked mode
  • New missions, special equipment and a new champion quest
  • New waterways on the map
  • Random events that destroy parts of the map
  • Different times of day and weather conditions
  • New gulag event

New weapons and operators

The new season brings four new weapons and four new characters to the game

New weapons:

  • FJX Horus: Machine gun
  • MORS: sniper rifle
  • Gladiator: Melee weapon
  • BAL-27: assault rifle

New Operator:

  • Vladimir Makarov
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Banshee
  • Hush/Bashiir Shirwa

In addition, there is also a BlackCell operator called Stasis. You can also modify existing weapons with eight new aftermarket parts  

This is what fans of Modern Warfare 3 will get in the upcoming season: 

New gear, maps and modes for Modern Warfare 3

As always, you will also find the weapons and operators mentioned in classic multiplayer. However, there is also new content for this:

New 6vs.6 maps: 

  • 6 Star: Brand new, medium sized map
  • Emergency: Brand new, small card
  • Growhouse: Remake of the Vanguard map Sphere, small map
  • Tanked: Part of the zoos of the map Vondel, medium sized map
  • Checkpoint: Part of Rebirth Island, small map
  • Grime: Brand new, small to medium sized map

New modes:

  • Capture the Flag
  • One in the Chamber
  • Minefield
  • Escort

New equipment:

  • Gunslinger Vest: Gives you two secondary weapons and greatly improves them.
  • Modular Assault Rig (Vest): Lets you pick up grenades and the like from defeated enemies.
  • Compression Carrier (Vest): Improves healing and resistance to gas grenades
  • Reinforced Boots: Immunity against effects that restrict movement
  • High-Gain Antenna: Improves your minimap
  • EMD Mine: Add a tracker to enemies.
  • Enhanced Vision Goggles: Highlights enemies better for a limited time.

In the official and also very extensive blog entry you can take another look at all the content for Season 3 in detail.

With Rebirth Island, the first small Battle Royale map returns to Warzone. Do you have fond memories of the map? Are you looking forward to playing it again in Call of Duty? What do you think of the content of Season 3? Are there any new features or changes that you’re particularly excited about? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments.