Pirates versus space marines, who would win? At least on Twitch we recently got an answerDiablo 4 “microtransaction” reaches new dimensions – mount costs almost as much as the game

A mount and a bit of color are currently causing discontent in the Diablo 4 community. Blizzard seems to have completely lost contact with its players

After several Pay2Win, microtransaction and DLC scandals in Diablo, nothing should really upset us so quickly, or so we thought. Now, however, Blizzard has gone one better with two new store bundles in Diablo 4, angering the community once again

Almost as expensive as the actual game

The words Diablo and microtransaction probably belong together for the majority of players as much as currywurst and fries or The Day Before and bankruptcy.

The release of the highly controversial mobile game Diablo Immortal, for example, was accompanied by massive criticism of Pay2Win mechanics, which called into question Blizzard’s entire approach to the Diablo franchise.

Diablo 4 was also not spared from overpriced microtransactions and questionable offers in the in-game store. However, while Diablo Immortal was free to play, users had to fork out around €70 for Diablo 4 at release.

Even those €70 appear in a completely new light when we look at two of the latest action role-playing game store bundles that are currently driving the community up the wall

One of them is called “Glass Scourge” and costs a mere €65, which is only about €5 less than the actual game.

In addition to about 7,000 platinum, a trophy and a banner the package includes a mount skin with matching armor. Apart from the extremely high price, the problem is that we can’t get the skin for the mount separately, but are forced to buy the 7,000 platinum as well, which many players don’t even want.

(For a mount skin, five portals and 8,000 platinum, Blizzard demands a hefty €100 from us.)
(For a mount skin, five portals and 8,000 platinum, Blizzard demands a hefty €100 from us.)

Bucket of paint for 30 €

The second bundle doesn’t fare any better with the players either. For a measly €30 we can buy the “Dark Paths” package, which contains 1,000 platinum as well as five alternative colors for your portal.

Yep, that’s it, you get new color for your portal, well, if that’s not worth 30 €, I don’t know what is. Unsurprisingly, Blizzard’s offer is being torn to shreds on Reddit.


The real scandal becomes even bigger when you consider that the portal colors are also bound to the individual classes.

While you get five new colors for your portals, druid, necromancer, hunter, barbarian and wizard can only use one of these colors each.

While the wizard only gets the blue portal, for example, the druid gets a yellow one. The necromancer, barbarian and hunter can only summon a purple, red or turquoise portal respectively.

It seems as if Blizzard has lost all connection to its players and now sees them merely as a wallet on two legs, otherwise this pricing can hardly be justified.


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