Imane “Pokimane” Anys surprised fans by announcing a sudden platform switch in January. Once learning her reason for leaving Twitch, Asmongold had a lot to say about the situation.

Asmongold is no stranger to sharing his opinions on the streaming community and its top players. When Pokimane left Twitch after 10 years, he shared his opinion on the decision.

Why did Pokimane leave Twitch?

Pokimane initially kept a bit quiet about her decision to leave Twitch. Then, on a podcast at the end of January, she revealed a lot of the reasons she was no longer interested in being on the platform.

“I don’t see the Twitch scene developing in the direction that I would like for it to. With the rise of so much manosphere, red bill bulls—, I feel that stuff has flourished within the male-dominated livestreaming sphere of things,” Pokimane explained to her fans.

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Asmongold lashes out at Pokimane

In response, Asmongold questioned why she would move to YouTube. He explained that YouTube has just as much red pill and incel content as Twitch, maybe even moreso.

“How the f— do you go from Twitch to YouTube and blame Twitch for having red pill stuff whenever the red pill stuff is primarily on YouTube?” Asmongold said with a slight laugh. “There’s more red pill stuff on YouTube.”

While he felt this reasoning was a bit flawed, Asmongonld admitted that Pokimane made the right decision for her career. As someone who wants to be more mainstream rather than focusing on gaming content, YouTube has a wider audience for her to tap into.