Moana 2 is coming, make way! Just like Moana’s community, it looks like Disney is sticking with what it knows and creating another sequel, Moana 2 — and it’s coming out sooner than you think.

Moana was a huge hit thanks to its vibrant cultural references, catchy songs, and meaningful storyline. Now, Disney has announced a sequel and even shared the first look at Moana 2.

When is Moana 2 coming out?

In a Disney earnings report, Bob Iger announced that Moana 2 is coming this year. Expect Moana 2 to it theaters November 27, 2024.

What is Moana 2 about?

The short Moana 2 announcement trailer unfortunately doesn’t give away too much about what’s to come in the sequel.

We see Moana appearing to return to her island, a boat behind her. She blows a horn, which was used in the first movie to call people back. We then hear Maui’s signature call in the background, confirming he’s also part of the film in some way.

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In an official press release from Disney, Moana 2’s plot is said to have Moana, Maui, and a new “unlikely” crew on a voyage after hearing an unexpected call from her ancestors. This has brought her into the far seas of Oceania, exploring dangerous, long-lost waters.

Moana 2 was originally going to be a TV series but the team decided on a second film instead. It will be directed by Dave Derrick Jr and have music from Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear.

Is there still a live-action Moana in the works?

Moana made over $680 million at the box office and has been streamed for over 1 billion hours on Disney+ as of 2023. It’s no surprise that the hit film has spawned not just a sequel but a live-action remake.

Dwayne Johnson had announced the live-action remake last April. At the time he said he was “humbled” to announce that Moana’s story was being made into a live-action film, telling the story of Polynesian people.