In Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, you can get a bounty on your head for a number of wrongdoings and it adds up as you continue to be bad. One player has taken it upon themselves to create the largest bounty possible.

Reddit user Amelix34 recently boasted about having a bounty worth more than 267,000 by “killing everything that was killable.”

Amelix34 shared a screenshot of his combat stats, which included:

  • People killed: 3310
  • Animals killed: 693
  • Creatures killed: 401
  • Undead killed: 947
  • Deadra killed: 55
  • Automotons killed: 98

In order to kill 3,310 humans, that means Amelix34 didn’t only kill bandits, assassins, and other enemies, but also innocent NPCs. There are some unkillable characters that are important to the plot, but everyone else was brutally murdered. Amelix34 also told another Reddit user that they killed 693 bunnies.

Another interesting piece of information was the use of the Dawnbreaker, a Daedric artifact that’s gifted to you after completing “The Break of Dawn” quest. When you receive the weapon, you are told you can use it to “cleanse all evil,” which made it all the more ironic that Amelix34 was using the Dawnbreaker despite being the most evil character in the entire game.

Skyrim has continued to be one of Bethesda’s most popular games despite its age and has proven to have better staying power than even newcomer Starfield. The game is a classic despite its bugs, with players continuing to find ways to enjoy the fantasy RPG.