We’ve summarized all the information about Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for you

Even though the CoD community has recently received a lot of new content with Modern Warfare 3, which they have been shooting through since the release, an important part was missing for the release of the shooter – Season 1. This is now to be delivered at the beginning of December, we have summarized all the information known so far for you.

What’s in Season 1

Unlike its predecessor, the first season of Modern Warfare 3 did not start at the same time as the multiplayer release, but was postponed to the beginning of December due to the ongoing season of Modern Warfare 2

On December 17, the developers published a (Blogpost) first information about Season 1, giving us a little taste of what to expect.

When will Season 1 be released?

Currently, the release is expected on December 5 or 6  As usual, the release should take place around 6 p.m. German time. Even if this is not confirmed information, it can be firmly assumed from previous experience that the time window mentioned is correct.

Is there a preload?

Once again, we can only rely on past experience. If the developers stick to their previous practice, there will be a preload of Season 1


Together with Season 1, the community can expect four new maps. In addition to the 6v6 maps MeatGreece and Rio we will also be able to shoot our way across Training Facility in 2v2 mode.

In addition to Training Facility, various remastered maps from Modern Warfare 2 await us in the 2v2 Gunfight mode.

Gunfight mode

The popular 2v2 Gunfight mode makes its debut in Modern Warfare 3 with Season 1. In this turn-based mode, not only are re-entry and health regeneration disabled, but all players start with the same randomly generated equipment.

The small maps and the sparse time limit of just 40 seconds force you to keep moving and eliminate your opponents as quickly as possible. The winner is the player who kills all enemies or captures the extension flag first

Most players will be familiar with this game mode from the Gulag in Warzone.


The question of whether there will be new weapons in Season 1 is almost rhetorical in nature. So far, the developers have provided us with new guns every season. As the well-known CoD leaker bob. revealed on X, we can look forward to four, if not five new shooters

  • assault rifle: RAM-7 (Launch)
  • Light machine gun: TAQ Evolvere (Launch)
  • Sniper rifle: XRK Stalker (Launch)
  • Machine pistol: HRM-9 (Reloaded)
  • Unknown: ARX160 (unconfirmed)


There is no official information on new Operators yet, but dataminers have found references to a collaboration between Call of Duty and The Walking Dead in the game files of Modern Warfare 3.

However, it is still uncertain whether Rick Grimes and Michonne will be introduced in Season 1. It is more likely that the Operators will be released at the same time as The Walking Dead spin-off “The Ones Who Live”, which starts on February 25, 2024.


As sure as the Amen in the church, there will once again be a Battle Pass in Season 1. If the developers stay true to tradition, it will once again have 100 levels and be packed to the brim with skins, weapon blueprints and all kinds of other goodies

New Warzone map Urzikstan

New content also awaits us in Warzone. In addition to some changes to the movement (Slide Cancel, Tac-Stance), the new map Urzikstan is introduced, which is already playable in zombie mode

Zombie mode

In the popular zombie mode, the endgame event “Dark Aether Rifts” awaits us, presenting us with difficult tasks that we have to complete under time pressure.

In addition, the new wonder weapon V-R11 gives us the opportunity to turn our enemies (zombies and humans) into allies.