Iso’s ultimate is extremely powerful, but Valorant players are smarter. The community has discovered a new loophole in his Kill Contract, which results in Iso dying.

Iso’s Kill Contract activates an energy field, taking players from the map and teleporting them into an alternate reality. Here, both players are separated by three walls, which disappear after a few seconds. With both enemies exposed to each other, it’s almost impossible for the situation to go any other way than one of them dying.

It turns out there’s actually a third possibility if you’re Kay/O.

Iso’s ultimate is powerful, but it has one flaw. If both players stay alive by the end of the Kill Contract, they’ll experience instant death as the energy field shuts down. While this could be a valuable loophole for enemies to run down time and wait for Iso to die along with them, it’s tough to stay alive without barriers in an enclosed field.

However, this rare Kay/O and Iso interaction has shocked the community. It’s so rare that it may never happen again in Valorant unless two players intentionally recreate it.

Right as Iso activated his ultimate, Kay/O also entered Null/CMD, which is extremely difficult to pull off. Once you’re inside Iso’s energy field, all abilities are suppressed, so Kay/O likely timed it perfectly. After struggling for a bit, Iso managed to kill Kay/O, but since he died during his ultimate, his body didn’t completely shut down.

In order to kill Kay/O while he was in his ultimate, you also need to shoot at the corpse until it’s lifeless. However, Iso didn’t have enough time or bullets to do that. He kept shooting at Kay/O’s body, but the time ran out, causing the energy field to shut down. As a result, both players within the Kill Contract instantly died.

This isn’t the first time Iso’s ultimate has broken Valorant gameplay. Previously, his interaction with Killjoy went viral among the players as it allowed Iso to come out unscathed out of a Lockdown.