Is the MCU as we know it soon to be history? According to recent rumors, Secret Wars could have drastic effects on the entire franchise

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around since 2008, when Tony Stark declared to the assembled press that he was Iron Man, kicking off a cinematic universe with uncertain prospects for success.

(29,551,030,756 US dollars) later, one can say: yes, the MCU is a success story – but one that, according to many fans and film critics, has received a few quality cracks in recent years. The calls for an end or at least reboot of the MCU are getting louder.

And that reboot is indeed said to be coming. At least that’s what the rumor mill claims. So you notice: unpack your well-worn salt shaker, because we are now entering the adventurous land of unconfirmed conjecture and allegations. None of it has to happen this way, but there are some good arguments in favor of a reboot.

Kevin Feige’s parting gift?

What is being claimed? The origin of the reboot rumors is the insider account CanWeGetSomeToast on X (formerly Twitter), which is considered well-informed. One post is actually about the next Wolverine after Hugh Jackman, but then suddenly there is talk of Avengers: Secret Wars closing the MCU so far to make way for something completely new 

What could this mean? Those who are familiar with the Secret Wars comic book template will know that the so-called Battleworld is created from individual set pieces of different worlds of the multiverse, in which many well-known superheroes cavort, fight or join forces to form alliances. This is probably the scenario we are heading towards in cinema at the moment with Kang the Conqueror as the big villain.

This could be exactly what is meant by the completely new . The MCU would then continue to exist and probably not throw the complete history overboard. Nevertheless, the setting and heroes would probably change forever and completely new stories would be told.

How realistic is that? What might sound like pure fan fiction at first, has some logical arguments on its side. For example, it is well known that MCU mastermind Kevin Feige still has an emotional connection to the old Marvel movies before the MCU, especially the original X-Men trilogy and the old Fantastic Four flicks.

(Chris Evans as Johnny Storm and Captain America at the same time? Secret Wars would make for such a double cameo.)
(Chris Evans as Johnny Storm and Captain America at the same time? Secret Wars would make for such a double cameo.)

The Problem: Many of Marvel’s pre-MCU films have not received a clean content conclusion. So it’s quite possible that Kevin Feige will use Battleworld as a big Anything is possibleplayground, set up dozens of cameos of old Marvel characters, and ultimately bring it all to a reboot in a spectacular finale to set the stage for new characters without legacy issues.

Would all previous MCU heroes be history? Due to the enormous popularity among fans and existing narrative potential, it is considered unlikely that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will not play a role in the new MCU. Other currently popular heroes are also expected to remain on board after the reboot, but far from all of them.

What do you think of the idea that the MCU could undergo a major reboot? Would you be happy about completely new locations, characters and worlds or is the air out of the movie universe for you for a long time, which is why you would not buy a movie ticket for it even then? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments!