Modern Warfare 2 wants to throw around some familiar faces in Season 6. Among other things, Lillith and Inarius from Diablo 4 can be found again.

Call of Duty is going dark in Season 6 – hellish forces are coming to Al Mazrah in Modern Warfare 2 including familiar faces like Lillith and the fallen archangel Inarius from Diablo 4. The developers have announced this with some more info on their in-house (Blog).

When will Season 6 be released?

On September 27 the last Season before the release of Modern Warfare 3 will go live, then on October 17 will come the mid-season update with more content.

Those who are already excited about MW3 should mark October 5 in their calendars: There’s the CoD-Next event, where there will be heaps of new info. The new shooter will then be released on November 10.

New Maps

Four new maps will be added to CoD MW2 for the launch of Season 6: two for Core, two for Gunfight mode. In addition, two maps will be given a new design for Mid-Season:

New Game Modes

  • Operation Nightmare (Mid-Season): You have to fight your way through Al Mazrah against “Entities”, visit areas and ultimately eliminate the Most Wanted there.
  • Vondead (Mid-Season): You’ll have to face a horde of zombies in Vondel and reach their origin – the graveyard, of course.
  • Zombie Royale (Mid-Season): CoD fans will feel right at home here, as the time-limited game mode has been around more often in similar variations. In summary: Those who die become zombies themselves and have to face off against their former allies.
  • Vondead Lockdown (Mid-Season): This time-limited mode has also been seen before, during Season 4. In Battle Royale you have to capture, hold and defend locations to get points. This time, however, you’ll have to prove yourself at night.
(The zombies are back in Call of Duty)
(The zombies are back in Call of Duty)
  • DMZ Update (Mid-Season): The game mode will also be dragged into darkness, monstrous creatures from another world shall also await you. What exactly events and activities will take place in DMZ, the developers do not reveal yet.
  • New things in the old modes: With Jump Scares, Zombies, Skulls instead of Dog Tags and other small additions, the Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Drop Zone and Infected game modes will be changed.
  • Soul Capture Event: Already known from Season 3, you can collect souls in all game modes when you walk over the corpse of deceased enemies. The collected souls can then be used to buy items.

New weapons

Four new weapons make it into the game. To be precise, they are an assault rifle, an SMG, and two melee weapons – one of which is the chainsaw from Doom.

New Operator

Here you will once again come across some familiar faces. The comic book antihero Spawn aka Al Simmons can be unlocked in the Battle Pass in three different versions – once without a costume, with his iconic mask and also as a burnt man.

Other notable characters include Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2 and, of course, the hellish ex-couple Lillith and Inarius from Diablo 4.

What is your first impression of Season 6? Are you looking forward to all the Halloween events or is the creepy atmosphere in Modern Warfare 2 a bit too much for you? Do you want to take down Lillith in MW2 as well, or would you rather embody the demon herself? And are you already excited about Modern Warfare 3 or do you think it’s not that far yet? Feel free to write it in the comments!